Mediums are contexts in which we live; technologies are extensions of the human senses.

The process of digitalisation sees fragmentation utilised as a means of control. We as humans work in a parallel way, we process patterns of mechanical thought. The principle of this doesn’t allow for outliers, it doesn’t accommodate for change. The current education system is avoiding the demand for dialogue, for people to raise questions not answers.

As soon to be graphic design graduates we have put it upon ourselves to create anti-environments and countersituations. We were born in the analogue age, witnessed the digital transition and now the post-alphabet era has begun.

This book is an extension and homage to Marshall McLuhan’s ‘The Medium Is The Massage’, aiming to bring collective authorship to contemporary judgements made on communication in terms of; You, Your Family, Your Neighbourhood, Your Education, Your Job, Your Government, The Others & The Device.

Thanks to all those who contributed towards the content including Dr John Hammersley.

Thank you very much to Andrea Rothwell, Julie Cragg, Stephen Taylor, Margaret Taylor, Raymond Graham, Paul Downes, Jo Bindley, Penny Skerrett, Nick & Matt who contributed on the Crowdfunder.